Features Introduced in Prisma Access CloudBlade 3.0.1

The new features in the Prisma Access for Networks (Cloud Managed) CloudBlade version 3.0.1 include:
  • Introducing the
    Prisma Access for Networks (Cloud Managed)
    CloudBlade, which is the cloud based management solution for Prisma Access. The CloudBlade enables Remote Networks to connect to Prisma Access through an industry-standard IPSec VPN.
  • When configuring
    Prisma Access for Networks (Cloud Managed)
    CloudBlade, you can now configure the
    Tunnel PSK Seed
    field by specifying a string of text which will be used to derive the unique pre-shared keys (PSKs) used per tunnel.
  • One of the prerequisites for Prisma Access CloudeBlade integration is to own a CSP (Customer Support Portal) account with an App Administrator or higher role assigned.
    Prisma Access
    Prisma SD-WAN
    Apps must be available and linked with each other on the
    interface under that CSP account. To map both the Apps, click the Gear icon >
    Manage Apps
    . Once done, the mapping will be visible under the
    Prisma SD-WAN Instance

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