Prisma Access for Networks Non-Aggregate Bandwidth Licensing

312 PIC
Configure the Prisma Access CloudBlade in the non-aggregate bandwidth licensing mode, where the bandwidth is allocated for the remote network through the CloudBlade integration.

Non-Aggregate to Aggregate Bandwidth Migration

In Prisma Access, the aggregate bandwidth model is available for all new deployments. If you have an existing deployment that allocates bandwidth by location (non-aggregate bandwidth model), you can migrate from allocating bandwidth per location to allocating bandwidth per compute location (aggregate bandwidth model). This migration feature is enabled from Prisma Access release version
You can verify the completion of the non-aggregate to aggregate migration tasks in the Panorama system logs.
When the Non-Aggregate Bandwidth to Aggregate Bandwidth migration is complete on Panorama, the Prisma SD-WAN interface tags are updated to the Aggregate Bandwidth form, and the following changes are done by the Panorama Integration Container (PIC) on the SD-WAN controller:
  • If a circuit tag exists, the circuit tag is updated with the SPN Name: if an interface tag exists, the interface tag is updated with the corresponding SPN Name for the Remote Network.
  • If a circuit tag exists and no interface tagging exists: Circuit Tag is updated with the SPN Name and the Interface tag will be updated if the corresponding Remote Network ends on a different SPN Name than the circuit tagged SPN Name.
This capability is not supported for remote networks if you use the Aggregate Bandwidth mode.

QoS for Non-Aggregate Bandwidth

The QoS parameters for Non-Aggregate Bandwidth mode in Prisma Access CloudBlade can be configured as part of the interface tagging in Panorama Integration Container (PIC). Following is the format in which the interface tag is specified.
Format: prisma_qos:<QoSProfileName>
Example: PRISMA_QOS: test_profile
This capability is not supported for remote networks if you use the Aggregate Bandwidth mode.

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