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Onboard an ECMP Enabled Site

Let us learn more about to onboard an ecmp enabled site.
ECMP is now enabled by default within the CloudBlades. With the Local-AS configuration, the ECMP onboarding of sites is simplified by just having to configure the prisma_access tag on a site, in conjunction with the IPSec Termination Node region tags applied.
This provides the ability to add new links to the site and have them automatically be added to the ECMP bundle, providing the site with an additional path to Prisma Access.
ECMP is enabled on all circuits, but can be disabled or modified for a given site. All circuits that have reachability to Prisma Access will automatically be added to the ECMP bundle, with up to four interfaces in the ECMP bundle.
  1. From the
    Prisma SD-WAN
    web interface, select your site.
  2. Click the extended tags icon on the
    Edit Site
    screen to view ECMP.
    When you create an ECMP bundle, the default selection is
    Auto Detect
    for both
    level sections by default.
    The auto region detection for ECMP bundles is NOT recommended to be used. There is no current logic today from the CloudBlade and Prisma integration to determine if a region has bandwidth allocated (and IPSec Termination Nodes behind it). The current CloudBlade logic assumes that ALL regions have bandwidth available.

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