Migration Support from On-Premise CloudBlade to Panorama Integration Container

312 PIC
Use the following work flow to migrate tunnels between On-premises Prisma Access CloudBlade versions 2.x versions to Panorama Integration Container (PIC) 3.x versions.
  1. Upgrade the Panorama cloud plug-in version to
    2.2.0-H44 Preferred
  2. Change the Prisma Access for Networks (managed by Panorama) CloudBlade version from 2.x to the required 3.x version on the Prisma SD-WAN web interface.
  3. Stop the 2.x Panorama Integration Container.
  4. Enable the Prisma SD-WAN integration in the Panorama UI (if not already enabled).
  5. To validate if the migration is complete and the Prisma Access for Networks 3.x version CloudBlade is running successfully, check the

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