Migration Support from On-Premise CloudBlade to Panorama Integration Container

312 PIC
Use the following work flow to migrate tunnels between On-premises Prisma Access CloudBlade versions 2.x versions to Panorama Integration Container (PIC) 3.x versions.
  1. Upgrade the Panorama cloud plug-in version to
    2.2.0-H48 Preferred
  2. Change the Prisma Access for Networks (managed by Panorama) CloudBlade version from 2.x to the required 3.x version on the Prisma SD-WAN web interface.
  3. Stop the 2.x Panorama Integration Container.
  4. Enable the Prisma SD-WAN integration in the Panorama UI (if not already enabled).
  5. Check the
    tab to validate if the migration is complete and the Prisma Access for Networks 3. x version CloudBlade is running successfully.
    For example, if the message
    Waiting for data from Prisma, Retrying in 180 secs appears
    , it indicates that the CloudBlade is initializing and waiting for data from Panorama. After all required data is received, the CloudBlade will start functioning.

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