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Set Additional Information Tag

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Within the CloudBlade version 2.x and higher framework, you can set additional tag information from the gear/settings option for the
  1. Edit a site and click the gear icon.
    You can configure the following optional settings:
    • ECMP (Equal Cost Multi-Path) to Prisma Access
    • BGP Settings
    • Site-Level bandwidth detection and licensing
  2. Click the extended tag option to view the configuration settings.
  3. To eliminate ECMP for the site, click
    and then click
    The default behavior shows ECMP enabled. If you click Settings (gear icon), you will be brought back to the same screen, but ECMP will be disabled even though the UI has the settings. The key is to DELETE the first opening of the UI to prevent an ECMP bundle from being created, and then save the configuration by clicking
    and then re-entering the configuration.

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