Prisma SD-WAN and Prisma Access CloudBlade Integration Requirements

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To integrate Prisma SD-WAN and Prisma Access, refer to the following requirements for Prisma Access for Networks (Cloud Managed).
Requirements for (Cloud Managed)
Prisma SD-WAN
  • Active Prisma SD-WAN subscription.
  • Prisma SD-WAN AppFabric deployed at one or more locations.
  • Physical and/or virtual ION devices running:
    • Recommended version is 5.4.3 or higher.
    • Minimum version supported is 5.1.9.
Prisma Access
  • Prisma Access for Networks 2.1.2 or later Aggregate Bandwidth; the bandwidth licensing mode must be enabled per compute location on the Prisma Access Cloud Managed portal.
  • Identification of the IPSec Termination Nodes within Prisma identified for connectivity.
  • When a new license is purchased which has both Prisma Access and Prisma SD-WAN for a specific tenant, a TSG ID is generated automatically as part of the license. The Prisma Access CloudBlade integrates the Prisma SD-WAN tenant with the Prisma Access tenant under the same TSG ID.
    Existing integrations with manual linking via the Hub version 1.0 do not require any additional configurations as the CloudBlade is backward compatible. Prisma Access versions earlier than 2.1.2 must contact the Palo Alto support team for mapping the integration.

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