Welcome to the preview of Prisma SD-WAN CloudBlade for Slack Integration Guide.

Prisma SD-WAN introduces the Chatbot CloudBlade for Slack that allows efficient collaboration by giving the end-user access to the Prisma SD-WAN network at any time from anywhere through the Chatbot CloudBlade. You can access information on site health, on-site and device configuration, device inventory, events, and metrics on bandwidth utilization, application health, and application performance.

Add the Slack bot specific to the region in which your tenant is deployed. Select Chatbot for Prisma SD-WAN Controller region; Elcapitan. You can determine the region your tenant is hosted in from the controller URL.

The Chatbot CloudBlade for Slack documentation is a preview. To learn more about this chatbot CloudBlade contact support@paloaltonetworks.com.