Manage the GCP-NCC Integration CloudBlade

After the integration is set up, you can choose to change the Admin State of the CloudBlade to the following scenarios from the CloudBlade configuration page.

Set the CloudBlade to Enabled

This is the default mode of operation for the CloudBlade. The CloudBlade will run, find any new resources, and configure the integration on GCP-NCC related resources.

Set the CloudBlade to Paused

Pausing the CloudBlade stops all future integration runs but leaves any created GCP-NCC resources intact. This stops any future resources from getting created. When paused the CloudBlade will not deploy or delete the resources nor will it stop the user from deleting any resources. Changes will be tracked by the CloudBlade and reverted once enabled.

Set the CloudBlade to Disabled

Disabling the CloudBlade tells the system to remove and delete all GCP-NCC resources created by the CloudBlade.

Set the CloudBlade to Uninstalled

Uninstalling the CloudBlade removes the resources for the CloudBlade, and immediately stops any changes by the CloudBlade. To completely remove all items, set the CloudBlade to disabled for 2-3 Integration Run periods before uninstalling. The GCP-NCC CloudBlade must always be disabled before uninstalling, else, if you wish to reinstall in the same region, it may not create the resources. Also, check the
Status Monitor
tab in the Prisma SD-WAN web interface, if all resources are empty/deleted before uninstalling.

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