: Prepare Prisma SD-WAN Network

Prepare Prisma SD-WAN Network

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Prepare Prisma SD-WAN Network

The steps to prepare the Prisma SD-WAN fabric for the Web Security Services integration will vary based on the type of Service Center Data Center selected.
Physical or Virtual
  1. Create one or more data center objects in the Prisma SD-WAN network for use as a Service Center Data Center.
  2. For each data center, deploy one or more ION 7000 class physical or virtual devices.
  3. Deploy one or more traditional IPSEC routers (physical or virtual) that the ION cluster will access through eBGP and then use to connect to the Web Security Services cloud.

Cloud (AWS)

  1. Deploy Prisma SD-WAN ION 7000 series directly into your existing or new AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).
  2. To gain access to the ION 7000 AMI, open a case via support@prismasdwan.com or https://support.prismasdwan.com. Prisma SD-WAN will assist in initial deployments of AWS-Data Centers.

Symantec Preparation

Following prerequisites ensure that the Symantec Web Security Services are available for configuration.
  • Ensure that the https://portal.threatpulse.com management account is active and has the appropriate permissions.
  • Ensure that the active Web Security Services Account has enough Firewall/VPN licenses for the number of Service Center Data Centers that are required.

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