Prisma SD-WAN Key Elements

Let us learn about the key elements of Prisma SD-WAN.
The Prisma SD-WAN solution includes two key elements.

SD-WAN Controller

Access the SD-WAN controller through an intuitive graphical user interface that helps you manage your network. The SD-WAN web interface enables you to perform the following tasks:
  • Centralize routing and build a network of private and public WAN paths.
  • Push a WAN configuration to ION devices at a branch or data center using API calls.
  • Utilize a centralized point of administration for a security policy rules as well as application and network analytics.
  • Enable secure automated virtual private network (VPN) tunnels using a zero-touch configuration process.

ION Devices

ION devices enable you to combine disparate WAN networks, such as; MPLS, LTE, and internet links, into a single, high-performance, hybrid wide area network (WAN).
ION 1000, ION 1200, ION 2000, and ION 3000
Physical or virtual devices that serve as a forwarding x86 commodity-based element at a branch.
  • The Analytics mode provides detailed information on network and application traffic.
  • The Control mode makes path selections, security decisions, and prioritizes applications. It also manages congestion based on controller-programmed policies, reports application and network performance statistics to the controller.
ION 7000 and ION 9000
Physical or virtual devices serve as a forwarding x86 commodity-based element at a branch or a data center. At a data center, you can connect an ION 7000 or an ION 9000 to perform the following tasks:
  • Connect to the data center core and WAN edge routers.
  • Inject Prisma SD-WAN branch routes into the core router to become the preferred next hop to guarantee path symmetry.
  • Identify traffic sourced from or destined to Prisma SD-WAN branches, which ensures seamless, non-disruptive integration between SD-WAN and non-SD-WAN branches.

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