Add a Device User on Prisma SD-WAN

Let us learn to add a device user on Prisma SD-WAN.
Add tenant or device-level access to users and define user roles to use the Prisma SD-WAN Device Toolkit.
  1. Log in to the Prisma SD-WAN web interface.
  2. Navigate to
    System Administration
    Device Toolkit User Management
    Add Device Access
  3. Enter the
    Login ID
    , and
    Confirm Password
    on the
    Add Device Access User
  4. Choose the
    of the user—Super, Read Only, or Monitor.
    • Super user has read and write access to the device.
    • Read Only user can only read the device information.
    • Monitor user has restricted read access and can view only certain information.
  5. On the
    Tenant level
    , switch to
    to create tenant-level user and give the user access to all the devices.
    Select No to create device-level users and give access to specific devices to the user.
    You can create a maximum of 10 tenant-level toolkit users. You can create any number of device-level users, but only 40 device-level toolkit users can be assigned devices. It can be a combination of tenant or device-level users.
  6. Save
    to add the user.

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