Add a New User on Prisma SD-WAN

Let us learn more about adding a new user on Prisma SD-WAN.
Add a new user with system role as per the requirements of your enterprise. Available systems roles include Root, Super administrator, IAM administrator, Network administrator, Security administrator, and View-only User. An IAM administrator assigns roles to users responsible for administering the network in your enterprise.
  1. Log in to the
    Prisma SD-WAN
    web interface.
  2. Select
    User Administration
    Add User
  3. On
    Create New User
    , enter the
    First Name
    and optionally the
    Last Name
    of the user.
  4. Make sure to toggle
    to allow user to access the Prisma SD-WAN web interface.
    By default, access is disabled.
  5. Add the
    Email/Login ID
  6. Enter a
    New Password
    and confirm the password for the user.
  7. Choose a
    for the user.
    Assign one or more roles to the user. Select from the available system or custom roles. Or create custom roles.
  8. Select the
    IP Session Lock
    IP Session Lock checks the client source IP address from where a login request originates. By default it is enabled.
    • If IP session lock is enabled, the auth tokens generated from this user is locked to the user's IP address.
    • If auth tokens are generated and IP session lock for a user is left as
      , the auth token is usable only from the source IP address from which it was generated.
    • If auth tokens from this user is only used on machines that they are generated on, and the source IP address used to connect to the API remains the same, then you can choose the
    • If the auth tokens are intended to be used on different systems and/or systems that may connect to the API from different IP Addresses, choose
  9. (Optional)
    Enter the
    IP/Prefix Access List
    IP/Prefix Access List enables the login for the entered IP addresses. Add multiple IP addresses by selecting
    Add Another IP
    to the list.
    Mobile Phone
    Secondary Email
    to the user profile.
  10. Save
    to add the user details.

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