BGP Peering Issues

Routing level issues include routing protocol configurations issues, BGP neighbor establishment issues, static routing or misconfigured static routes, or issues with prefix learning or advertisement.
  • For BGP session establishment related issues, check if there is an incorrect AS# or global parameters, an incorrect BGP peer IP, or check if BGP multi-hop is required.
  • For BGP peer type issues (data center only), check if the right peer type is selected, core, edge, or classic peer type. The edge peer only learns prefixes.
  • For static routing related issues, check the configuration for administrative distance, next hop (interface, IP, self), local or global scope to block or allow the advertisement into the Prisma SD-WAN fabric.
  • For prefix learning and advertisement issues, check the route map configurations on Prisma SD-WAN and BGP peer devices, check for interactions with other routing protocols in the enterprise network, and check for split or no-split prefix scenarios.
This category of events deals with Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) peering issues in the data center. For example:
  • Peering with a WAN edge router is down (Alarm—major).
  • Peering with a core router is down (Alarm—major).
  • Routes learned from WAN edge indicate private WAN is down for a branch site (Alarm —major).

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