Device Related Issues

Device level issues include offline devices or devices with missing or incorrect interface configurations, missing or incorrect routing configuration, DHCP, port or NAT configurations, or devices with offline status.
For example, when a device is in an offline state for an extended period of time, it impacts the VPNs connected to other sites. For device-to-controller connectivity issues, troubleshoot the device through the device toolkit, using utilities such as Ping and Curl. You may also check device reachability issues using Ping or SSH.
Device Interface Issues
—Interface issues are raised by the device and deals with device interface issues. For example:
  • Interface down (Alarm—major).
  • SFP failure (Alarm—major).
  • Excessive errors on the interfaces (Alert).
Device Registration Issues
—Registration issues are raised by the device or the controller depending on the alarm and deals with device registration issues. For example:
  • Failure to establish CIC channel with the controller (Alarm—major).
  • Failure to retrieve inventory after repeated attempts (Alarm—major).

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