Activity Charts

View Analytics information for specific time range or switching between Summary, WANs, Apps, Devices, or Sites.
charts lets you gain better insight into the health and performance of your network by monitoring traffic outliers or other unusual network conditions. It understands how your capacity needs are changing over a broader period of time to better plan for over subscribed or under utilized circuits at remote sites and data centers.
It improves your compliance posture with longer retention of flow data, policy and configuration changes, and audit logs for infrastructure and regulatory audits about network usage, access, and configuration.
charts display the date and time range of a specific period for a particular chart. View the desired analytics by selecting periods of an hour, a day, a week, a month, or three months using the arrows below the date and time. Switch between the views to view your network activity.
Activity Chart
Displays bandwidth utilization, TCP transaction stats, application health, app performance metrics, app response time, new flows, and concurrent flows.
Displays audio and video bandwidth, audio and video jitter, audio and video packet loss, and audio MOS.
Provides visibility into link specific metrics such as bandwidth usage, packet loss, latency, jitter, and MOS.
Provides records for each application flow and session, with details on each flow per application, per site.
Provides Routing Statistics to view Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) peering status for data centers only.
Provides system related information like CPU Utilization, Free Memory, and Free Disk space for both branch and data center ION devices.
Provides cellular module telemetry data like the cellular signal quality and statistics, bandwidth and technologies usage, packet-related errors, GPS location history, and cellular tower switches of the module.

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