Prisma SD-WAN Data Center Routing

Learn more about the Prisma SD-WAN data center routing.
Configure static and dynamic routing on data center ION devices. The ION device supports static routing on all its interfaces. You may configure dynamic routing only on those interfaces of the ION device, which are configured as—
Peer with a Network
or a standard VPN interface. ION devices in data centers do not support routing on interfaces configured as
Use to Connect to Internet
. Device interfaces configured as standard VPN interfaces in data centers learn routes dynamically from standard VPNs and advertise data center prefixes on standard VPNs.
When you deploy the ION device in a data center, you place the device off-path for a seamless integration with the existing environment. The data center ION device connects with the data center core router, and optionally, the WAN edge router. The data center ION device only attracts the traffic destined to branches where Prisma SD-WAN ION devices are deployed and where there is an active VPN tunnel to that remote ION device. The data center ION device accomplishes this by injecting more specific or preferred routes via BGP towards the core router for Prisma SD-WAN-deployed site prefixes.
The data center ION device supports three types of peers—core, edge, and classic. These BGP peers are contained in a single routing domain. At a data center, configure routing per peer.
You can configure an ION device in the data center for core and edge peering. You have to configure BGP peering information, such as local and remote AS #, peer IP, and options like MD5 and timers on the device. The device automatically takes care of other configurations, such as route-map generation, updates, and filtering.
You can configure an ION device to perform classic BGP peering, just like any other Layer 3 networking device for more complex topologies or scenarios.
The following topologies illustrate private WAN and third-party routing in a data center.
  • Edge and Core
    In this scenario, the data center ION device peers with one or more edge BGP peers and with one or more core BGP peers.
  • Core only
    In this scenario, the data center ION device peers only with core peers. No private WAN underlay path exists for traffic to exit from the data center.
  • Core and Data Center ION Device as the WAN Edge
    In this scenario, data center ION device becomes the WAN edge, and peers with the core and the PE in the provider cloud. This is equivalent to router replacement in the branch.
  • Core and Standard VPN Peers
    In this scenario, the data center ION device peers with core and third-party peers.

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