Prisma SD-WAN Multicast Routing

Learn how to configure multicast routing in Prisma SD-WAN.
IP multicast is a set of protocols that network appliances use to send multicast IP datagrams to a group of interested receivers using one transmission rather than unicasting the traffic to multiple receivers, thereby saving bandwidth. IP multicast is suitable for communication from one source (or many sources) to many receivers, such as audio or video streaming, IPTV, video conferencing, and distribution of other communication, such as news and financial data.A multicast address identifies a group of receivers that want to receive the traffic going to that address. You should not use the multicast addresses reserved for special uses, such as the range through or through Multicast traffic uses UDP, which does not resend missed packets.
Starting with Release 5.6.1, Prisma SD-WAN branch ION devices support multicast for LAN interfaces only. A branch ION device supports multicast on a maximum of 31 PIM interfaces, including VLAN sub-interfaces. Multicast is not supported with secondary addresses on an interface; that is, only the primary address is considered and secondary addresses are not sent in a PIM HELLO packet to a neighbor.
Type of Interface
Multicast Support
Port (LAN)
Sub-interface (VLAN)
Virtual Interface
Secondary IP address on an interface
Prisma SD-WAN data center ION devices do not support multicast. ION devices running version 5.6.1 support multicast only over LAN and not over WAN.
You can enable LAN interfaces on the ION device for multicast only if you:
  • Enable L3 Direct Private WAN Forwarding
    on the branch ION device.
  • Enable L3 LAN Forwarding
    on the branch ION device.
Prisma SD-WAN supports all the three versions of the Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) clients:IGMPv1, IGMPv2, and IGMPv3. In order to configure multicast routing, you need to configure a Rendezvous Point (RP) and enable multicast on at least one layer 3 LAN interface in the network.
Use the following steps to configure multicast in Prisma SD-WAN.

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