View the Multicast Route Table

Learn how to view the multicast route table in Prisma SD-WAN.
The multicast route table entries indicate how multicast traffic is routed to hosts in the network. You can view the multicast route table either through the device configuration or through Activity>Routing.
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    Claimed Devices
    Configure the device
    Multicast Routing Table
    The field descriptions in the multicast route table are based on the PIM-SM protocol outlined in
    Displays the source address of multicast traffic in the network.
    Displays the multicast group address.
    RP Address
    Displays the address of the Rendezvous Point (RP) in the network.
    Am I RP?
    Indicates if the interface or router is configured as an RP in the network.
    • RP
      -Indicates Join/Prune messages propagated towards a shared RP tree.
    • WC
      -Indicates a Wild card entry (*, G).
    • SPT
      -Indicates Join/Prune messages propagated towards a source.
    • NEW
      -Indicates a new route entry.
    • CACHE
      -Indicates an entry cached in the kernel.
    • NULL
      -Indicates that information received should not be forwarded.
    Incoming Interface
    Indicates the interface on which multicast traffic is received.
    Outgoing Interfaces
    Indicates the interfaces on which multicast traffic needs to be replicated.

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