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Configure HA Groups

Let us learn to configure HA Groups.
An HA group is created at the site level and devices are bound at the device level. At the group level, you may view the details of a group, edit members of a group, and so on. HA Groups can be configured either from Map or Device Configuration. You can create a single HA Group consisting of two devices.
  1. Select add an HA Group.
    You can navigate in any of the following ways to add an HA Group.
    • Select
      . From the ellipsis menu select
      HA Groups
    • Select
      Claimed Devices
      . Select a device and from the ellipsis menu, select
      Configure the Device
  2. Click
    Add HA Group
    to add a new HA Group.
    Only one HA Group can be created. If an HA group is already created, the
    Add HA Group
    is disabled.
  3. Create a new HA Group.
    1. Enter a name for the HA group.
    2. (Optional)
      Enter description and tags.
    3. Check the
      check box, to enable preemption.
      If Preempt is enabled, it dictates that a re-election within the group should be forced whenever there is a priority change that results in the current active device’s priority to be less than that of the backup device. If disabled, it will dictate that an election not happen as long as the current active device has not experienced a catastrophic failure, which causes the priority to immediately go to 0 (e.g. power loss, critical process failure, loss of link on the HA control port, or track events which cause the priority to reduce to 0), even if the backup device has a higher priority.
    4. Enter an
      Advertisement Interval
      between 1 and 10 seconds.
      The Advertisement Interval indicates how often the active device advertises its status to the backup. Three consecutive missed advertisements indicate that the active device has failed after which a backup device becomes active and takes over as the active device. The value recommended for Advertisement Interval is 1 second.
    5. Click
      An Up arrow indicates that the device is enabled for Branch HA. After an HA group is created, the Redundancy section shows the option to assign and configure devices in the HA group.

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