Create a New Event Policy Set

Let us learn to create a new event policy set.
Create a new event policy set.
  1. Create a new event policy set.
    1. Select
      Event Policies
      and click
      + Add Set
    2. Enter a name for the new event policy set with an
      description and tags.
    3. Set As Active
      to make this new event policy set active.
  2. (Optional)
    Clone From An Existing Set
    to choose a policy set from the drop-down list.
  3. Click
    to create the new event policy set.
  4. (Optional)
    Edit Severity Mapping
    from the ellipsis menu to edit the severity and priority mapping.
    To change the default severity to priority mapping, you can edit the default severity mapping.
  5. Map the priority to the severity and then click

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