Create Zones

Prisma SD-WAN allows to create zones in the zbfw.
Zones are a critical component for creating security policy rules. When you are ready to create zones, policy rules rely on a zone-pair that includes at least one source zone and one destination zone. Zone maps to networks and interfaces. The default action is to deny traffic between zones. Modify the default zone-pair policy to allow all traffic or deny, then create exceptions to deny or allow specific traffic by changing the order of applied policy rules. Define the network segments used to restrict application access and control traffic between LANs or LANs and WANs. Bind zones to the appropriate LAN and WAN interfaces at each site through site bindings.
While creating security policy rules, specify the source and destination zones to which the rule applies and establish one or more source and destination zones for each security rule you configure. The source zone identifies the LAN network from where traffic originates, and the destination zone identifies traffic from the LAN network.
  1. Go to
    Prisma SD-WAN web interface > Policies > Security Policies (Original) > Zones
  2. Click
    Add Zone
  3. Click
    and select a site to configure the zone interfaces and bind the zone to a site.

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