Prisma SD-WAN Sites and Devices

Let us learn about the Prisma SD-WAN sites and devices.
Prisma SD-WAN Sites include branch offices and data centers that you wish to have in your wide area network. You can set up users and services in a branch. You can host enterprise applications and services in a data center.
The Prisma SD-WAN branch ION device is typically the branch's gateway. You can connect the Prisma SD-WAN to a Layer 2 or Layer 3 switch for LAN connectivity.
The Prisma SD-WAN solution provides a complete separation of the control and data planes. If a branch device loses connectivity with the controller, the ION device can continue to function independently. If the ION device loses connectivity with the controller, it still maintains the Prisma SD-WAN secure VPNs and rotates the unique session keys for each VPN every hour for up to 72 hours.
ION devices are available in both hardware and software form factors that meet the needs of any location and any deployment scenario. You can deploy Prisma SD-WAN ION devices in Analytics Mode and Control Mode.
To deploy Prisma SD-WAN, set up your branch, data center sites and claim, assign, and configure the ION devices for your sites.
Read on to know more about the setup of your branch and data center sites, configure ports and interfaces, use of external services for monitoring, how to return a faulty ION device by following the Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) wizard, and how to upgrade the ION device software:

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