Configure a Controller Port

Let us learn to configure a controller port.
An ION device has one or two controller ports. You are allowed to configure two controller ports from
Release 5.2.1
. In a virtual interface, you can use both the controller ports to establish redundancy in controller connectivity. The controller ports can thus be in the same subnet. Controller port is by default used as source interface for controller connections and in the absence of controller port, the device automatically picks any L3 port as source interface for controller connections. If you plan to use the controller port, connect to existing LAN segment with Internet reachability.
  1. Select the controller port.
  2. To enable the interface, for
    Admin Up
    , select
  3. (Optional)
    Enter a description.
  4. For
    , select
    Choose DHCP if the IP address is dynamically assigned.
    Choose Static if the IP address is fixed and is manually assigned. Additionally specify the
    IP Address/Mask
    Default Gateway
    , and
    DNS server(s)
  5. Click
    Save Port
    Similar to configuring the first controller port, configure the second controller port.

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