Customize Cellular Firmware

The ION device and the modem store multiple carrier-specific firmware files. The firmware specific to AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon along with Generic (PTCRB and/or GCF certified) are pre-loaded on the modem and the ION device storage. The appropriate firmware is loaded on the modem based on the inserted SIM.
page displays the current firmwares available on the modem and the current recommended firmware and version. Upgrade the firmware when the recommended version is different from the current version for your specific carrier. The ION device downloads the new firmware from controller inventory and then upgrades the carrier firmware on the modem.
After you customize the firmware, the pre-loaded carrier firmwares on the modem and the ION device is removed or updated based on the customization.
  1. Navigate to
    Claimed Devices
    , select the device you want to configure.
  2. Select
    Configure the Device
    and select
    to customize.
    Firmware Configuration
    shows the running firmware and version, carriers, current and recommended versions, and the Update Status. The
    Update Status
    recommends if you need to customize or update the firmware.
  3. Click
    Customize Firmware
    to update the firmware.
  4. Select Carrier Firmware
    and the corresponding version and click
    You can select a maximum of two firmwares files which are loaded on to the modem. Inactive firmware are stored on the ION device.
    To delete an existing firmware, click the delete icon against the firmware file .
  5. For
    Download and Update Time
    select whether you want to update the selected firmware
    If you selected Later, select the
    Download Time
    Update Time
    You can choose
    Custom time
    option to update the firmware.
  6. (
    ) Configure the
    • Leave the
      blank to use the default setting.
    • Leave
      Max Download Time
      blank for default setting or enter 5 - 59 number of minutes.
    • Leave
      Max Upgrade Time
      blank for default setting or enter 5 - 59 number of minutes.
  7. Save
    the changes.

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