Prisma SD-WAN Standard VPN

Let us learn about the Prisma SD-WAN Standard VPN.
Prisma SD-WAN ION devices can communicate with other Prisma SD-WAN devices through Prisma SD-WAN Secure Fabric Links or communicate with standard VPN endpoints through traditional IPsec or GRE tunnels. Similar to all other paths, a standard VPN will be monitored for application reachability and best path selection. Traffic on a standard VPN is subject to QoS policies.
A Standard VPN can be of type:
  • IPsec
  • GRE
A standard VPN has two endpoints—one endpoint is on the Prisma SD-WAN ION device and the other endpoint is on the remote peer. You can configure a combination of IPsec and GRE tunnels from an interface on the ION device to a standard VPN endpoint. However, there cannot be two tunnels of the same type to the same endpoint from the same interface.

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