Return Device to MSP

Learn more about the Prisma SD-WAN return device to msp.
Prisma SD-WAN allocates devices to MSP tenant(s) through their support or operations team. Use the
Return to MSP
option to move the device to the MSP inventory, from where, the MSP can allocate the device to other client tenants.
  1. In the Prisma SD-WAN tenant window, go to
    Unclaimed Devices
  2. Select the device and from the ellipsis menu click
    Return to MSP
    Return to MSP
    option is available only if the tenant is an MSP client.
    After you confirm, the device is removed from the Prisma SD-WAN inventory and received by the MSP tenant.
    The MSP receives the device and marks the device as
    ESP Received Stock
    . The MSP tenant then allocates the device from the MSP inventory to other client tenants.

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