Schedule Software Upgrade

Learn more about the schedule software upgrade for Prisma SD-WAN.
You can schedule software upgrades depending on the device software version. For devices on pre-Release 5.1.1 software version, the Prisma SD-WAN web interface only displays the following Upgrade Software screen. Select the required software version from the Software Version drop-down and click Upgrade.
Follow the steps below to upgrade devices to Release 5.1.1.
  1. Navigate to
    Claimed Devices
  2. Select a device and from the ellipsis menu, select
    Schedule Software Upgrade
  3. On the
    Schedule an Upgrade
    screen, select
    Upgrade Type
    Select to either upgrade the software or download only to download the device software upgrade.
  4. Choose a
    Software Version
    for the upgrade.
    The current version of the device is displayed in the current version field.
  5. Select the
    Schedule Type
    to upgrade your device software or choose
    to upgrade your device software later.
    1. Select a
      Download Date
      Upgrade Date
      from the calendar.
    2. (
      ) On
      to configure
      , select an interface through which the device upgrade should be downloaded. You can select up to four interfaces. A blank value indicates that any available interface can be used.
      If an interface is selected, but is not accessible for some reason, then the download proceeds through the controller interface or any other interface that is marked as use for internet.
    3. (
      ) Enter values between 5 and 59 minutes for
      Max Download Time
      Max Upgrade Time
      By default, the system attempts to download or upload three times until a successful download or upload. However, if a time is specified for maximum download time and maximum upgrade time, multiple attempts are made within the specified time until a successful download or upgrade.
      If the time set for Max Download Time and Max Upgrade Time elapses while the download is in progress, the device proceeds with the download until the operation is complete. If there is a failure of any type, the upgrade process need to be rescheduled.

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