Configure the DNS Service on the Prisma SD-WAN Interface

Configure the DNS Service on the Prisma SD-WAN web interface.
Create and configure both DNS Service Roles and DNS Service Profiles from the Prisma SD-WAN web interface. After the DNS roles and profiles are created, enable the DNS service on the branch ION device.
Locally significant configuration and attributes are specified at the device-level DNS service configuration, effectively augmenting or, in some cases overriding the configuration specified in the DNS Service Profile.
DNS Service Roles
is used to group interfaces that have common functions. Some interfaces listen for DNS requests, while others only forward DNS requests. In some cases, interfaces listen and forward DNS requests. After you assign a role to a specific DNS server's IP address in a global DNS service profile, the role gets assigned at the device level.
DNS Service Profiles
is used to specify configuration parameters for the DNS service. Commonly configured parameters include DNS Servers, Domain to Address Mapping, Cache Configuration, and DNSSEC Configuration. After the DNS service profile is created, it is bound to a device.

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