Add QoS Policy Sets

A QoS or Priority policy set specifies application business priority. The policy sets are ordered from left to right in a stack, with the left-most policy set designated as the highest priority. You can create a new blank QoS policy set for a site, clone from an existing stacked policy set or classic policy set, or create a policy set from a template. You can also create a Default Rule QoS policy set. A QoS Policy Set comes with two default rules—Default and Enterprise Default.
  1. Navigate to
    Stacked Policies
    QoS Sets
  2. Select
    Add Set
    and then
    Add QoS Policy Set
  3. Choose the following options on
    Add QoS Policy Set
    to create a new policy set:
    • Default Rule Policy Set—This creates a policy set with two default rules—Default Rule and Enterprise Default Rule.
    • Create from Template—Select a template for cloning. The template option creates a set of rules from a template that is defined by Palo Alto Networks. You can customize these rules after creation.
    • Clone from Policy Set—Select an existing policy from Stacked Policies for cloning.
    • Clone from Original Policy Set—Select an existing policy from Policies (Original) for cloning.
    You can create a blank policy set with no rules, if you don't choose any of the above options.
  4. Enter a
    and optionally a
    for the policy set.
  5. Click
    Next, Add QoS Policy Rules to QoS policy sets.

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