Configure Circuit Capacities

Configure circuit capacities to allocate or modify the percentage of bandwidth configured for each priority and application traffic type. Priority, categorized as platinum, gold, silver, and bronze, determine application priority in times of congestion. Application traffic types can be audio, video, transactional, and bulk. You can configure up to four bandwidth allocation schemes and three breakpoints in a given QoS policy set and bandwidth allocated per priority and traffic type within each scheme. Depending on the link capacity in use, the corresponding bandwidth allocation scheme is used. By default, a QoS policy set has no breakpoints.
The following diagram illustrates the bandwidth allocation schemes for different breakpoints.
  1. Select
    Stacked Policies
    QoS Sets
  2. Select a policy, click the ellipsis menu, and select
    Edit Circuit Capacity
    If no breakpoints are configured, the default breakpoints displays with the default bandwidth allocation per priority and application traffic type.
  3. Select
    Add Breakpoint
    to add breakpoint.
  4. Enter a value in Mbps for the breakpoint and click
  5. Save & Exit
    • A breakpoint splits a bandwidth allocation. If breakpoints for 2500 mbps and 5000 mbps are added, the bandwidth allocation schemes created are 0 to 2500 mbps and 2500.01 to 5000 mbps, and the final scheme adjusts automatically to 5000.01 to 10,000 mbps.
    • When a breakpoint is created within an existing bandwidth allocation scheme, the values for priority and traffic type from the existing scheme is copied over to the newly-created scheme. For example, when a breakpoint is added for 2500 mbps, the values from 0 to 5000 mbps are copied over to the newly-created 0 to 2500 mbps scheme.
    • If the breakpoint for 2500 mbps is deleted, the bandwidth allocation scheme adjusts automatically to 0 to 5000 Mbps, and the bandwidth allocation defined for 2500.01 to 5000 Mbps is applied to the entire range of 0 to 5000 Mbps.
    After the breakpoints are created, proceed to customizing the individual priorities and application traffic types.
  6. Change the percentage of bandwidth allocation per priority and application traffic type.
    The sum of all allocations should add up to 100%.
  7. Save & Exit

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