: dump dnsservice config all

dump dnsservice config all

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dump dnsservice config all

Use the
dump dnsservice config all
to display all the configurations related to DNS Service Profile. DNS Service Profiles are used to specify configuration parameters for the Prisma SD-WAN DNS Service. DNS configurations include all the details of authoritative config, dns-forward config, cache config, dns-queries metadata, dns-rebind config, dns-response overrides, dnssec config and domain to address.


dump dnsservice config (all | dns-forward-config | dns-queries-metadata | domain-to-address | dns-response-overrides | cache-config | dns-rebindconfig | dnssec-config | authoritative-config)


Enter all to display summary of all the configurations related to DNS.
Enter dns-forward-config to view all the DNS-Forward configurations from DNS profile
Enter dns-queries-metadata to view all the configurations related to dns-queries-metadata from DNS profile.
Enter domain-to-address to view all the domain-to-address configurations from DNS profile.
Enter dns-response-overrides to view all the configurations related to dns-response-overrides from DNS profile.
Enter cache-config to view all the cache configurations from DNS profile.
Enter dns-rebind-config to view all the dns-rebind configurations from DNS profile.
Enter dnssec-config to view all the DNSSEC configurations from DNS profile.
Enter authoritative-config to view all the authoritative configurations from DNS profile.

Command Notes

Super, Read Only, Monitor
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Introduced in
Release 5.4.1


dump dnsservice config all Name : dns_service1 Enabled : true Etag : 1 ID : 1676871344643003896 DNS Service Profile ID : 1675823408415012596 Etag : 58 Name : Dns_profile1 Listen Dnsservice roleID : 1675768429191002596 Listen Port : 53 DNS Forward Config DNS Servers : DNS Server IP : Forward DNS Service Role ID : 1675823222537008896 DNS Server IP : 2702::abcc Forward DNS Service Role ID : 1675823222537008896 IP Prefix : 2000::/4 DNS Server IP : 2103::13 Forward DNS Service Role ID : 1675823237643021496 Minimum Source Port : 1024 Send to all DNS Servers : true Enable Strict DomainName : false Enable DNS Loop Detection : false Edns Packet Max : 4096 DNS Queries Metadata Add Customer Premises Equipment : Type : text Add Client Mac : MacEncodingFormat : base64 Add Subnets : Ipv6 Address : 2899:1123:: Ipv6 Prefix Length : 127 Ipv4 Address : Ipv4 Prefix Length : 24 Domains To Addresses DNS Response Overrides Disable Private IP Lookups : false Ignore IP Addresses : [] Aliases : CacheConfig Disable Negative Caching : false Minimun Cache TTL : 3600 Cache Size : 150 DNSRebindConfig Stop DNS Rebind Private IP : false Enable LocalHost Rebind : false Enable Dnssec Proxy : false DnsSecConfig Enabled : false DNS Check Unsigned : false Disable DNSSec Timecheck : false Trust Anchors : No AuthoritativeConfig Max Concurrent DNS Queries : 150 Dns servicerole Bindings : Dns service role ID : 1675823222537008896 Interfaces : InterfaceID : 1675750379317012696 InterfaceIP : <nil> Dns service role ID : 1675823237643021496 Interfaces : InterfaceID : 1675746176821021496 InterfaceIP : <nil> DomainsToInterfaces :

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