: dump routing peer config

dump routing peer config

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dump routing peer config

Use the
dump routing peer config
command to display the configuration of BGP peers. Information displayed includes the BGP peer ip address, peer id, peer type, remote AS numbers, and route map details along with the BGP global configuration.


dump routing peer config ( all | peer-ip = Peer IP )


Enter all to display configuration of all BGP peers.
Enter an IP address to display configuration for a specific BGP peer.

Command Notes

Super, Read Only, Monitor
Related Commands
Introduced in
Release 5.0.1


dump routing peer config peer-ip BGP Peer IP : Description :ID : 15266976684940116 Peer Type : classic Remote AS Num : 65440 Route Map In Name : LocalPrefBgpPeer10 Route Map In ID : 15267044186540101 Update Source : BGP Global Config : Router ID : Local AS Number : 6000 Admin distance : 0 Advertise interval : 1 Graceful restart : false Hold time : 10 Peer Retry Time : 30 Keepalive Time : 3 Maximum Paths : 0 Md5Secret : Multi Hop Limit : 1 Stalepath Time : 0

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