Prisma SD-WAN Features Introduced in April 2020

Learn what’s new in Prisma SD-WAN April 2020.
New Feature/Enhancement
MAP View and Filtering Enhancements
The Prisma SD-WAN portal
tab has been enhanced with the following changes:
  • Upon user login, the Prisma SD-WAN portal opens on the MAP/Topology page with a view of branch and data center sites.
  • The Dashboard view is still available and can be accessed by clicking CloudGenix at the top left of the screen.
  • For each user, on all of the
    pages (Topology, Sites, Claimed and Unclaimed Devices), any filters and Map settings applied including the stoplight color preferences, will be retained and persist across sessions with the controller UI.
  • The blue badge on top of the filter icon is a visual indicator that a filter criterion has been set, with the number indicating how many filters have been applied.
MAP Settings include Site Connectivity
On the Map, a Site's status color can now be changed from the default to be viewed by connectivity. Each site's connectivity is computed based on the status of its VPN overlay connections. The current default view based off the site's standing alarms still remains.
Summary Indicator Bar to View Distribution of Site Connectivity
When Site Connectivity is selected from
MAP Settings
, a Summary Indicator Bar appears on the top of the screen. Click on the color bar for a graphical view of the site connectivity summary. From the graphical view, click a color in the chart legend to navigate directly to the filtered site list. For example, to view sites with full connectivity, click Green.
New Feature/Enhancement
Enhanced GRE Support
In order to facilitate integration with Third Party services and devices such as cloud security and traditional routers, Prisma SD-WAN now supports Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) tunnels from branch or data center sites to Third Party endpoints.
  • Prisma SD-WAN Data Center devices support Third Party GRE Tunnels, but do not support associating a Third Party endpoint to this interface. This implies that liveliness probes are available, and therefore, it is highly recommended to enable GRE keepalives.
  • NAT performed between the local and remote endpoints of the GRE Tunnel may disrupt the use of GRE keepalives.

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