Generate the GDPR Report

Evaluate the data in your sanctioned SaaS applications on SaaS Security API to determine the compliance with GDPR regulations.
The GDPR Report summarizes evidence related to the data privacy regulations for your sanctioned SaaS applications on SaaS Security API. Access to the report depends on your team and your administrator role permissions:
  • GDPR link is hidden if you do not have Report permissions.
  • GDPR report only includes cloud apps for which you have Team permissions.
The report provides actionable intelligence around sensitive data exposure, user activities, your security posture, and the personal data that resides on your applications; however, the report does not provide a verdict for compliance.
You can export the report to help your GDPR regulator review how you collect, use, and share PII data across your SaaS applications. For example, you can generate a report to view the number of records transferred to a third country or an international organization, or to learn which sanctioned applications are sharing data externally.
  1. Select
    GDPR Report
  2. Click
    Generate Report Now
    to view the report and review evidence identified and possible compliance issues.
  3. Expand each section to review the report’s contents.
    • Regulation
      —Summary of regulation.
    • Article
      —Verbatim text of articles from the regulation.
    • Evidence
      —Verdict and link to supporting cloud assets (folder icon), configurations (gear icon), and actions (lightning bolt icon).
    • Validation
      —Method used to determine compliance with the regulation.
    • Cloud Apps
      —Applications with assets that pertain to this regulation.
  4. Click
    Export PDF
    Export CSV
    to download your report to forward on to your GDPR regulator.

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