Configure Data Violation Alerts on SaaS Security API

Learn how to configure notifications on SaaS Security API so that administrators and end users are notified of violations.
SaaS Security API enables you to configure immediate Slack notifications (
) when the service discovers a data violation. The notification is sent as a Slack channel message. You can send notifications to both administrators and end users. For supported SaaS apps, administrators and end users can immediately manage from within the notification. In doing so, you create an efficient violation management workflow. Notifications to end users provide administrators a low-touch mechanism for training end users on your organization’s internal policies.
The following actions are available:
Location on Slack
Admin Alert
End-User Alert
View Dashboard
Go to Violation Details on SaaS Security
Go to channel where the asset is posted as defined by the Slack channel you specified when you configured alerts
Not a Violation
Ignore the data violation because the sensitive data is not against the organization’s policy
Delete (
Slack Pro and Business
Delete the message that contains sensitive data when it’s against the organization’s policy
  1. Log in to SaaS Security.
  2. Navigate to
  3. (
    Admin Alert
    ) In
    Configure Admin Alerts
    , search and select the channel to which you want to post the notification to the supported SaaS app.
    Channel not found
    displays if you are not a member of the channel.
  4. (
    End-User Alert
    ) Toggle
    Proactive Training Mode
    to the on position, then
    Customize User Notification
    to provide a message that encourages your end users to take action on the data violation.
    Use the following best practices in your message:
    • Begin with a concise headline. For example,
      A potential information security violation was detected!
    • Educate your users on the risks to sensitive content.
    • Link to your company’s policy.
    • Include a call-to-action statement.
  5. Click
  6. (
    ) Manage the data violations from Admin alerts.

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