Create Teams (Beta)

Use SaaS Security API teams to group cloud applications and restrict access to the assets, incidents, and reports for the cloud app.
As a Super Admin, you can create a team to group cloud apps and restrict admin access to cloud app, incidents, and assets on SaaS Security API. Instead of granting access to all apps, you can assign an admin to a team and grant access to just a few apps. With the Super Admin role, you can create teams or edit administrator accounts, and assign administrators to teams.
A team administrator’s role privileges provides access to policies and rules that can affect all apps.
  1. Create a custom team.
    1. Select
      Add New Team
    2. Enter the
      and select the applications the team will have access to.
    3. Save
      to create your new team.
  2. Add an administrator to a team.
    Only an administrator with a Super Admin role can move other administrators to a team.
    1. Select
      Admin Accounts
      and select an administrator.
    2. Select the team you want to assign the administrator to.
    3. Save
      your changes.
  3. Review the administrators and cloud apps assigned to the team.
    1. Go to
      and select the Team.

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