Select an Authentication Method

Configure Google MFA or SAML SSO authentication to secure admin access to SaaS Security.
If your tenant does not use Palo Alto Networks SSO, you can strengthen your security posture by enforcing multi-factor authentication (MFA) for SaaS Security and/or enabling single-sign-on authentication (SSO) to verify administrator who access SaaS Security.
  • Configure SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) Authentication on SaaS Security to improve user experience and reduce the administrative overhead of managing administrative accounts locally. By configuring SaaS Security as a SAML service provider, you can provide uninterrupted and secure access using a single set of login credentials.
  • Configure Google Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) when you add administrators to SaaS Security to ensure that attackers cannot steal login credentials (a single factor) and gain access to the sensitive information on the service.
    Local authentication is not supported for SaaS Security activated on the hub. Learn how to enable MFA for your Palo Alto Networks CSP account.

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