View Information for Third-Party Apps

Learn details about the third-party apps that SaaS Security API discovered.
SaaS Security API starts scanning third-party apps and lists all discoveries. Currently, SaaS Security API supports discovery for third-party apps using the G Suite Marketplace.
  1. Select
    Third-Party Apps
  2. Observe the
    Approval State
    By default, SaaS Security API assigns all new discoveries as
    until an administrator assesses and remediates.
    • Unclassified
      —You have not yet assessed this app. Meanwhile, any user can install this app. By default, SaaS Security API assigns all new discoveries this state.
    • Blocked
      —No users can install this app if you configured the third-party setting to automatically block or you manually remediated.
    • Approved
      —Any user can install this app.
    • Restricted
      —The users you define can install this app. The app is blocked for all other users.
  3. Click
    to view third-party app details.
    Active Users
    Lists the number of users who have installed the third-party app.
    Cloud App
    Lists the cloud app where the third-party app was discovered.
    Displays a brief description of the third-party app services or actions. For example, an electronic signature app would be displayed as:
    Send docs for electronic signature, or add your own signature in minutes. Sign PDFs directly from Google Drive or Gmail
    First Install
    Lists the first date the third-party app was installed.
    Last Install
    Lists the last date the third-party app was installed.
    Lists the marketplace where the third-party app is installed.
    Manage User Permissions
    Lists the number of active and inactive users by name, current status, install date, and approval state. You can approve, block or email the user.
    View User Details
    by clicking on the
    User name
    Lists the publication URL of the third-party app. For example, an electronic signature app would be displayed as
    Lists the permissions to areas the application has requested or been granted.
    Unblockable Apps
    Certain applications that cannot be blocked. An
    unable to block or restrict this app
    message will display for unblockable apps.
    User Details
    Displays an
    with metadata about the user including active risks, owner, collaborator and number of email messages sent. Lists
    Personal Info
    including name, email address, and alternate email addresses. Details the
    Top Risks
    associated with the user and the
    Cloud Apps
    that the user has added or attempted to add.

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