Export Results to CSV File

Learn how to export results to a CSV file on SaaS Security API.
When you choose to download search results, such as incident and asset data, the service enables you to either download the data to a CSV file immediately or download the CSV file later after you receive an email notification with a download link. (Exporting records is not the same as downloading a quarantined asset or downloading cloud app monitoring data, which includes a maximum of 90 days (one record per day) and, therefore, never exceeds the record limit outlined below. .)
Your ability to export data is directly tied to the number of records in your data set. Adhere to the following guidelines:
  • Before you export data, apply filters to narrow your search and shrink your data set. Only include data that you need.
  • Verify the number of records in your query by observing the record counter in the page header.
For a GDRP Report, there is no data set limit because the summary report is not based on records. The summary report includes as much data as the report needs to provide you actionable intelligence.
Immediate Download Record Limit
Email Download Record Limit
User Activity
  1. Click on the
    Export CSV
    link or
    icon in the page.
  2. Select an export option.
    • Download
      Download Now
      —Immediately downloads the CSV file to your local drive, if the file does not exceed the record limits outlined above.
    • Email
      —Generates the CSV file that you request, then sends you a
      Your file is ready email
      notification with a link to download the CSV file (in
      ), if that file does not exceed the record limits outlined above.
      The download link is active for up to 30 days. For security reasons, you must log on as the user who initiated the request: if you forward the link to another user, the service denies that user file access.

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