View All Open Incidents

Learn how to view all open incidents on SaaS Security API.
On SaaS Security API, you can quickly find and view all open incidents to investigate and remediate and retrieve a summary of the number of open incidents detected against each policy rule. When SaaS Security API starts scanning files and matching them against enabled policy rules, the default action is to generate a log when a policy violation occurs. If you enabled email alerts for high-risk issues such as malware or PII compliance violations, you will also receive an automatic email notification in addition to the recording of an incident in the log.
  1. On the SaaS Security API
    , navigate
    View All Open Incidents
  2. Select the
    from the drop-down and further sort the open incidents using the columns.
  3. Continue to Assess Incidents and Manually Remediate Incidents, or review the asset rules that triggered the incident and configure Automatic Remediation Options.

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