Assign Incidents to Another Administrator

Use Bulk Incident to assign a group of incidents to another SaaS Security API administrator or assign incidents individually.
Sometimes you don’t have the proper context around the content or the collaborators to properly assess incidents. In these cases, you can assign a single incident or group of incidents to another administrator (a compliance officer, for example) who is more familiar with the content and its proper use.
Additionally, you can add notes to the asset to provide the administrator additional instructions. Similarly, the administrator to which you assign the incident can add notes to the asset to communicate assessment details and reason for incident status change.
You must be an administrator with a Super Admin, Admin, or Limited Admin role to assign incidents to another administrator.
  • Assign a group of incidents:
    1. Select
      and choose the incidents to assign to another administrator.
    2. Use the descending and ascending columns and predefined filters to narrow the list of results, if the list of incidents is too large.
    3. Select up to 1000 incidents individually, in groups, or all at once to assign to another administrator.
    4. Select
      Assign to
      and choose an administrator.
    5. Verify the new assignments for each incident in View Administrator Activity Logs or select the administrator in the
      Assigned To
      search filter.
  • Assign a single incident:
    1. Go to
      and click the
      Item Name
    2. (
      ) Click
      Review Note
      Add a Note
      to add additional details for the administrator before you assign the incident.
      • Provide context about your concerns related to the asset.
      • Give instructions or supplemental information about the asset.
      • Document interactions you’ve had with the asset owner.
    3. Click
      and select an administrator.
    4. (
      ) Select an incident
      By default, the category is
      . If necessary, create new categories to reflect your organization’s incident management process.
    5. Verify the new administrator assignment for the incident in View Administrator Activity Logs.

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