Begin Scanning Dropbox or Yammer

Authorize SaaS Security API to connect to Dropbox or Yammer to scan all content shared within the app.
Use the following procedure to add Dropbox or Yammer as a monitored cloud application on SaaS Security API.
  1. Add the SaaS application.
    1. From the
      Add a Cloud App
    2. Select the application and enter the email address and password for the account.
      • For Dropbox, the account must have administrative user privileges.
      • For Yammer, the account must have network administrator privileges.
    3. Connect to the <application name
      The application is added to the list of
      Cloud Apps
      on SaaS Security API.
  2. (
    ) Enter a descriptive name for the app instance.
    In the list of
    Cloud Apps
    , click application name and add a descriptive name so that you can identify this instance from any other instances of the same application.
  3. Enable Admin quarantine for Dropbox.
    Enter the Admin account email in
    Cloud Apps & Scan Settings > Dropbox
    Account for Admin Quarantine
    . Click
    to save your setting.
  4. Add policy rules.
    When you add a cloud app, SaaS Security API automatically scans the app against the default data patterns and displays any match occurrences. As a best practice, consider the business use of your applications to determine if you need to Add a New Asset Rule to look for incidents unique to Dropbox or Yammer.
  5. (
    ) Configure or edit a data pattern.
    You can Configure Data Patterns to identify specific strings of text, characters, words, or patterns to make it possible to find all instances of text that match a data pattern you specify.
  6. Start scanning Dropbox or Yammer for incidents.
    1. Select
      Cloud Apps & Scan Settings
    2. In the Cloud Apps row that corresponds to the new app you just added, select
      Start Scanning
      SaaS Security API scans assets in the associated app and identifies possible incidents. Depending on the number of users and assets, it may take some time to complete the process. However, as soon as you begin to see this information populating the
      , you can begin to Assess Incidents.
  7. Monitor the results of the scan.
    As SaaS Security API scans files and matches them against enabled policy rules, you can Monitor Scan Results on the Dashboard to verify that your policy rules are effective. Monitoring the progress of the scan during the discovery phase allows you to Fine-Tune Policy to modify the match criteria and ensure better results.

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