Verify Permissions on Cloud Apps

Learn how to verify permissions on cloud apps.
A permissions refresh is supported for Gmail app, Box app, Google Drive app, Microsoft Azure app, and Google Cloud Storage app.
When you initially onboard a cloud app, SaaS Security API automatically verifies that the administrator account has the necessary permissions. Additionally, using API calls to the cloud app, SaaS Security API continues to periodically perform this check on a regular, scheduled basis.  Although the cloud app in SaaS Security API can indicate a
status, there might be an undetected permissions issue if permissions changed after the last health check.
You might want to verify permissions outside this scheduled event if:
  • New assets are not displaying in SaaS Security API.
  • New incidents are not being created.
  1. Select
    Scanning cloud apps
    to display all your cloud apps.
  2. Click on the cloud app for which you want to verify permissions.
  3. Click
    Refresh Health Status

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