Add SaaS Security Inline Administrators

Create additional administrator accounts with specific privileges on SaaS Security Inline.
Initially, to create new administrator accounts on SaaS Security, log in as the administrator assigned to the user specified in the activation email. With this default account, you can create additional administrator accounts. When you create an administrator account on SaaS Security Inline, the administrator is automatically assigned the
All Apps
with all the privileges available. Unlike for SaaS Security API, there are no roles for SaaS Security Inline.
With SaaS Security:
  • If you add an administrator with an email that
    already exists
    in Customer Support Portal (CSP), that administrator’s SaaS Security account will be linked to the administrator’s CSP account.
  • If you add an administrator with an email that
    does not exist
    in CSP, then an account will be automatically created for the administrator on SaaS Security Inline, as well as an account in CSP tied to your organization.
  1. Select
    Admin Accounts
    Add Administrator
  2. Enter the
    address of the new administrator.
  3. Select the default
    for the new administrator.
  4. Save
    your changes.

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