SaaS Policy Rule Recommendations

Learn about SaaS policy rule recommendations on SaaS Security Inline.
The rapid proliferation of SaaS applications makes it difficult to assign all of them specific App-IDs, gain visibility into those applications, and control them. Security policy rules that allow ssl, web-browsing, or “any” application may allow unsanctioned SaaS applications that can introduce security risks to your network. To gain visibility into those applications and control them, SaaS Security administrators can recommend Security policy rules for specific SaaS apps, as identified by SaaS App-IDs provided by the App-ID Cloud Engine (ACE), to administrators who have the authority to import and commit them to Security policy.
The importing of SaaS Policy Recommendation requires a SaaS Security Inline license.
Security policy rules detect and take action on specific application traffic on your network. SaaS policy rule recommendations are based on a combination of applications, users and groups, categories, activities, device posture, and data profiles. For example, you might create a policy rule recommendation that blocks all HR and Finance employees from uploading assets to risky file sharing applications such as 4Shared and WeTransfer.
After you define these parameters and set the rule action, you then submit the rule for review. The administrator with the authority to commit the rule evaluates the recommended rule and decides whether to implement it. If that administrator chooses to implement the rule, the administrator imports it and selects where to place the policy rule in the rulebase, creating all the required HIP profiles, tags, and Application Groups automatically.
The administrator with the authority to commit the rules is the same administrator that maintains the rulebase. If you update a policy rule recommendation, that recommendation needs to be reimported. If you delete a SaaS policy rule recommendation, the recommendation needs to be deleted from the Security policy rulebase.

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