Troubleshoot Issues on SaaS Security Inline

Learn how to troubleshoot issues on SaaS Security Inline, including onboarding and licensing failures.
As you use SaaS Security Inline, you or your firewall administrator might encounter errors if you inadvertently missed a step during SaaS Security Inline onboarding or ACE deployment. The most common errors are related to a missing license. Deployment is a team effort: to avoid these errors, it’s imperative that you work with your firewall administrator to verify licensing before using SaaS Security Inline.
For additional errors that display on the firewall, refer to Troubleshoot App-ID Cloud Engine.
When you log in to your firewall web interface,
SaaS Security license is required for feature to function
message displays in the footer.
Your firewall is missing the required SaaS Security Inline license.
After you activate, your firewall administrator must retrieve the license keys from the license server.
When your firewall administrator attempts to import and commit a recommendation that uses a data profile, the operation fails with
Unknown data-filtering profile name
Your firewall must have an Enterprise DLP license to have a valid SaaS policy rule recommendation that uses data profiles—even if you have an Enterprise DLP license on another platform.
The SaaS Security Team recommends one of the following options:
  • Buy an Enterprise DLP license.
  • Remove the data profile from the SaaS policy rule recommendation.

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