Set the Time Zone

Change the time zone from UTC/GMT to your local time zone on SaaS Security to display your local date and timestamp.
By default, SaaS Security displays all dates and timestamps—activity log timestamps, incident dates and times, and file access logs—in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC/GMT). You can change the time zone settings so SaaS Security displays date and time information in your local time zone, but the changes to the time zone you can make depend on your administrative role:
  • Super Admin Role
    —Administrators with a Super Admin role can change the default time zone globally. All administrators who log in will see data in the time zone set by the Super Admin.
  • Admin Role
    —Administrators with an Admin role and has access to all apps, can change the time zone for their own sessions. For example, if a Super Admin set the time zone to Pacific Time but you are in New York, you could set the time zone for your own account to Eastern Time so you can view the data in the context of your local time zone.
  1. Select
    Admin Accounts
  2. Select your
    in the list of Admin Accounts.
  3. Select the
    Time Zone
    you want SaaS Security to use when displaying dates and timestamps.
  4. Save
    your changes.

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