New Features Introduced in August 2020

Learn about the new features that became available in Prisma SaaS starting August 2020.
The following table provides a snapshot of new features introduced for Prisma™ SaaS in August 2020. Refer to the Administrator’s Guide for more information on how to use Prisma SaaS.
Quarantine Reporting
The Prisma SaaS web interface displays Quarantine Status (Success, Pending, Failed) with informative timestamps, explanations, and resolutions for improved reporting on assets throughout the quarantine process.
Enterprise DLP app on hub
DLP (Data Loss Prevention) protects sensitive data and enables compliance and data privacy across your organization. With an Enterprise DLP license, you can access Enterprise DLP app, which provides visibility into the health of the DLP service—in real time. DLP service insights are available for any Palo Alto Networks product where you purchased an Enterprise DLP license.

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