New Features Introduced in February 2020

The following table provides a snapshot of new features introduced for Prisma™ SaaS in February 2020. Refer to the Administrator’s Guide for more information on how to use Prisma SaaS.
Related Activities: All User Activities on Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive
You can now investigate incidents more efficiently and with added visibility on Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Prisma SaaS expanded your ability to view activities across all assets from
activities to include
user activities. From within those activities, you can filter the data using the filters with which you’re already familiar, to meet your audit needs.
Exposure Level Support for Guest Accounts in Slack
Prisma SaaS fine-tuned how it defines exposure level to support Slack's single-channel and multi-channel guest accounts. Exposure level describes how your shared assets display in Prisma SaaS. Such granularity gives precise visibility into data exfiltration.
Group-based Policy
Prisma SaaS now offers group-based policy for added protection against data exfiltration and unauthorized access. With Azure Active Directory integration and group-based policy, you can now create policies based on user groups. Enjoy this granular approach to enforcement!
Group-based Incident Management
Prisma SaaS now offers group-based incident management for greater granularity over incident management. With Azure Active Directory integration and group-based incident management, you can limit an administrator’s access to cloud assets by defining the groups that you want the administrator to monitor for incident management purposes, providing a more efficient and secure workflow.

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