New Features Introduced in June 2021

Learn about the new features that became available in SaaS Security starting June 2021.
The following table provides a snapshot of new features introduced for SaaS Security in June 2021. Refer to the Administrator’s Guide for more information on how to use SaaS Security API and SaaS Security Inline.
Prisma SaaS is now SaaS Security API. However, you will still see Prisma SaaS in some of the SaaS Security API documentation screenshots until we apply this change throughout the documentation.
Security and Privacy Attributes
SaaS Security Inline now includes Security and Privacy attributes (for example, Data Ownership and SAML) to help you assess the security risks of unsanctioned SaaS applications. You can assign weights to these attributes to achieve risk scores that reflect your organization’s security standards for improve security posture.
SaaS Security: SaaS Security Inline
SaaS Security is an integrated CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) solution that helps Security teams like yours meet the challenges of protecting the growing availability of sanctioned and unsanctioned SaaS applications and maintaining compliance consistently in the cloud while stopping threats to sensitive information, users, and resources. SaaS Security options include SaaS Security API (formerly Prisma SaaS) plus SaaS Security Inline add‑on.
SaaS Security Inline offers advanced analytics , reporting, and Security policy rule recommendation authoring so that your organization has the SaaS visibility and security controls to prevent data security risks of unsanctioned SaaS app usage on your network.
SaaS Security Inline natively integrates with your next-generation firewall for easy deployment and in‑line policy enforcement. SaaS Security Inline leverages your firewall’s App-ID Cloud Engine (ACE) and SaaS policy rule recommendations to provide greater and faster SaaS app discovery and a seamless SaaS security workflow between your organization’s SaaS administrator and firewall administrator for improved security posture.
For a complete SaaS Security solution, you can enable all the SaaS Security capabilities (both SaaS Security Inline on SaaS Security API) from one SaaS Security web interface to manage both API-based visibility and control of sanctioned SaaS app usage and network-based security of unsanctioned SaaS app usage.
Prisma SaaS is renamed SaaS Security API. However, not all screenshots in the current product documentation are updated for this new product name.

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